I get by with a little help.

I’m now two weeks into marathon training and day by day this “let’s get nutrition back on track” plan is becoming more routine. It’s certainly not easy but just like in running – it’s one foot in front of the other. Today’s blog post is a compilation of the things that have been making it all a little easier.

We moved to a new neighborhood this fall, which happens to be a lot hillier than where we were living before. In particular there is one miserable hill that sits smack dab in the middle of this summer time 5 Miler (Which if you have been reading my blog for a while, is the race where I don’t exactly remember crossing the finish line of in 2013). Now that it practically looms over our house there’s not many running routes I can take without avoiding it. So I run it. And let me tell you- there’s nothing better than taking a bad day out on a run, plowing up that hill and turning around to give it the finger (which I do, every time). Bill Dunn, I’m coming back for you this summer!

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I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that I just discovered podcasts. More specifically Serial. Even more specifically – THAT I CAN PUT PODCASTS OF SERIAL ON MY iPOD! GENIUS! I could easily binge on the entire series in a day, so I’m only allowing myself to listen during long runs. I was almost giddy over my 9 miles last Sunday because I realized I could get in almost three whole episodes. Is there anything better than solving crimes and pounding miles simultaneously on a Sunday morning?


The chiropractor has become my new favorite person, and not just because he snaps, crackles, pops, and scrapes my body back in place. My long run last weekend left me in pain which naturally put me into a panic. With a quick phone call we moved my appointment up to the next day. As soon as I walked in he calmed my fears, asked about my mileage for the upcoming week, and gave me some new stretches to add to my routine at home. I love how involved he’s gotten in my training in this short amount of time, and it feels great to have someone else on my support team. It’s going to take a village to get this girl to a marathon and I am eternally grateful for this village I have.

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Nutrition is definitely always going to be a struggle for me. For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to get in the mindset that what I eat for Boston is just as – if not more- important than what I run in preparation for Boston. This whole mindset of “eating like an athlete” is still a weird concept for me, but I’m working on it. And there’s nothing like spending the Sunday before Christmas making egg muffins and DIY granola bars while everyone else is baking Christmas treats to make you feel like one bad ass, goal oriented athlete. 🙂

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Click here to learn more about who I am running the 119th Boston Marathon for and how you can help 🙂



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  1. Dra Martha Castro Médico WMA

    Go girl!!

  2. Sounds like it’s going well! Glad to hear it! I was one of the ones baking (and eating) Christmas cookies 🙂

  3. Hope you share some of your recipes, my diet needs a kick in the pants!

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