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Tis the season… for hibernation.

Tis the season, right? For getting snowed in, secret Santa gifts, and cuddling on the couch with hot chocolate. For cozy sweaters, warm boots and fuzzy scarves.

It’s also the season for late sunrises and early sunsets, negative wind chills, and hidden icy patches. A season where it’s more tempting to hit snooze than to head out for a morning run (which requires SO many more layers than a tank top and shorts). It’s more tempting to curl up on the couch with a bowl of piping hot mac ‘n cheese (my absolute weakness) than it is to change into your bathing suit and head to the pool.


I hate to get all grinchy on you- but we all know I’m much more of a summer girl than I am a fan of winter. I actually deeply despise this time of year (This is about the time I wonder why I didn’t follow my brother to sunny California). Winter makes me want to curl up in a ball, cover my eyes, and hibernate until it’s all over.


One of my last beautiful runs before all the leaves fell to the ground.

The last two winters I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve been pretty motivated. Two years ago I was hunting down a number on the scale, determined to win it over. Last year I was riding off the high of my first half marathon and feeling invincible. And this year… it’s just life. It’s what I do. The thrill and excitement and novelty have worn off. Not resetting that alarm is getting harder. I find myself making excuses more easily, giving myself more free passes. And that’s just not acceptable.


Will always be one of my favorite memories of my first year of winter running 🙂

I don’t know why I’ve gotten so lackadaisical, considering what’s looming in the not so distant future. I thought this break would have me rearing to go, on fresh legs, yipping to get started. But instead I’m sluggish, achy, struggling. Maybe it’s because every day that passes is another day closer to the unknown, to a lot of really hard work and the first of many, many cold miles. Maybe this is my way of dealing with my nerves – burrow in, cover your eyes, and pretend it’s not happening. Except that it is – and deep down inside I know I don’t want to ruin one second of it.


I almost want to call this a wake up call, but I feel like that’s a harsh term to use. I’ll refer to it as a gentle reminder. A reminder that it’s not always going to be sunshine and happiness. That every run isn’t spectacular. That in order to see progress I need to fuel my body properly. That some days it’s harder to get out the door than others. That rewarding things don’t come easily. It’s not happily-ever-after, it’s happily as I want to work for it. It’s time to get my ass in gear and pull myself together so that when I hit the pavement on Day One I feel strong, confident, and ready to do this. In the meantime I’ll be searching the Black Friday ads for some sassy new winter gear to motivate me to get my ass out the door.

Athleta Winter Holiday 2014, Wanaka, New Zealand

There’s nothing like the Athleta catalog to get you jazzed about winter running… from the warmth of your couch of course 😉



Aloha :)

Did you miss me?

I’m writing this from the clouds, somewhere over middle of the United States. We are currently in vacation limbo – between the responsibilities of “Whose turn is it to get the pool towels?” versus “Did you feed the cats this morning?” My skin is still slightly warm and tingly from the last rays of warm sun and I can still smell the scent of coconut in my hair. Ahh, vacation is so good for the soul.

Hawaii was incredible and just what we both needed. Beautiful, breathtaking, relaxing. And as much as you think you know someone after spending the last 7 years together (4 of them living in the same house) – spending 12 days with just that person puts them in a whole new light you’ve never seen before. True love is when you give up your window seat on the plane, but yet still let them sprawl all over you to sleep. 🙂

IMG_4201 2

We spent two weeks in paradise hiking dusty trails, discovering secret waterfalls, biking scenic paths and navigating warm waters on a paddleboard. Things I can’t help but but smile at, because the old Kathleen probably wouldn’t have been interested in. She would have been happy just parking it on a beach chair. (Which don’t get me wrong, we did plenty of as well) But this girl was all about being active and trying new things. Never in my life did I think I would run a 5K on my honeymoon (Yep, happened and it was amazing).


I’ll leave you with some pictures as I catch up on sleep and aloe my sunburnt shoulders. Soak in these last few hours of vacation. It’s back to reality, responsibilities, cold New England, work and pretty soon… marathon training!



IMG_4208 2