What motivates you?

“What motivates you?” It’s a question that I’ve been asked quite a few times over the last few years. People are always curious as to what made me wake up and decide I wanted to lose the weight, change my lifestyle, and become one of those crazy runner people. And I’m realizing lately, it’s a question that doesn’t hurt to ask yourself every now and then.

The week leading up to the wedding happened to also be a pretty high mileage week for me- with a sprint tri just two weeks after the big day and a half marathon the week after I had a long run, some bricks, and some pool time to get in. No problem. With the week off from work I figured I would pencil them in as a break from table assignments and sign painting.


Except that when the time came for my workouts I kicked, screamed, whined, half assed, and even ditched some of them completely. What I thought would be a welcome distraction was just another to-do… that I didn’t want anything “to-do” with. I got the bare minimum accomplished and told myself that once the wedding was over I would be back to normal.

Until the workouts after the big day felt just the same as the week before. I got really good at talking myself out of getting out the door and staying on the couch. I’d kick myself after, but that didn’t stop me from not getting it done or not trying as hard as I could have. And every time I complained about not wanting to go for a run that same question was always asked of me “Why are you doing this?”


Obviously I can’t use the “white dress” excuse anymore – but we all know by now it was always more than that. So what is it? What makes me want to get up on a Saturday morning and run 10 miles alone? Why do I come home from work, change, and head out on the bike? What motivates me to sign up for races, to run new distances, to challenge myself? While I know there’s an answer inside of me, at this very moment I don’t have a clear view of it. I’m just so tired.

I’ve been running long enough now to recognize a burnout coming. And after a summer of wedding planning, training, Run Club, and the rest of my life- it’s no surprise I’m tired. So I’m pulling myself together and rallying through the next two weeks, because that’s what a true bad ass would do. And then I’m ready for a well deserved break when I can sit back and remember all those reasons I love what I do…. from the comfort of my couch.


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When your legs get tired run with your heart.

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  1. Are you guys not doing a honeymoon until later? If so, that will be a nice incentive for the future. But I definitely know about burnout – at least you know it is coming and after the 1/2 you can relax a little bit, though I predict you’ll have another goal in mind before you know it. I am already a little worried about “what now” after my 1/2 half – but I am so looking forward to being able to run 7-8 miles “just because”, though seeing how little I ran last fall, I hope I don’t trade a run for warm covers too many weekends!

    • No, we’re waiting until the weather gets dark and miserable here so I still have that to look forward to ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m excited for a break but already starting to think about future goals of course haha!

  2. At least you know from past experience that your running mojo will come back! I’m feeling burnt out right now and am grateful that it’s the end of the tri season, but I know that after a few weeks of recovery, I’ll be ready to go again!

  3. I applaud you for getting some workouts done. The summer I got married was chaos and every weekend involved running somewhere to do something that workouts were a minimum and races were non-existant! Take a well deserved break, active rest and do some different things – go wall climbing or ice skating with your wonderful new hubby and just have fun. You’ll find you will be itching for a race again in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

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