Let’s rewind two years.

We all know I’m a sucker for anniversaries. I’m even more of a sucker for anniversaries where I can attach sappy symbolisms to them and with just 10 days to go to my wedding – I’m a sucker for anything soft and sappy lately.

Two years ago this weekend I ran my very first race, the Diva Dash (no judging). Fast forward two years and this weekend I will be running a 5K alongside the beginner running group I coached over the summer. How’s that for sappy symbolism?

That first runner's high glow.

You can’t help but stop here and ask “How the hell did this happen?”. At least I can’t.  As I quickly flip through the images and events of the last two years it still comes as a shock to me.  Road races, triathlons, half marathons… if you held a crystal ball two years ago I probably would have thrown it back in your face.

There’s so much about that first race that I never want to forget. I never want all that naïve goodness to disappear. It will always remind me where I came from. I knew practically nothing about running- I didn’t know about paces, or where a bib goes on your shirt. I had just gotten my first pair of “real” running shoes (which I didn’t wear for the race because I didn’t want to get them dirty) and I will admit now that I showered and did my hair before it because “I wanted to look cute”. I thought I needed to carb load the night before (truth be told- the fat kid in me just wanted an excuse to have pasta again). and I didn’t have a goal except that I wanted to finish. I was scared shitless.

Steps away from my first finish line.

And while I’m sitting here being all mushy and reminiscent there’s no way I couldn’t write about the person who got me across that first finish line. The one who two years later continues to push me across them- both physically and mentally. She is always a step ahead of me (more like 10 actually), and somehow always sees my potential miles before I can. I know I mention her all the time but she is every reason I’m here writing this today. It may not have taken a village to raise this runner – but it certainly took one hell of an individual.

Sometimes I catch myself saying something I’ve heard her say a million times and I smile. The thing about being a runner is you’ve got to pass on the tips and tricks that you learn along the way. I can only hope that someday I’ll be that person to someone else.



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  1. I am doing my 2nd Diva Dash this weekend – I am so not looking forward to it, partially because after Foam Fest, ROC, and Spartan, anything obstacle race that doesn’t involve wet or water doesn’t particularly interest me. But also because I am concerned about how it will affect my 1/2 training on Sunday. Okay, it is Wednesday and I can barely walk from my 10 miles on Monday, but I am hoping to do another 10 miles on Sunday. But I don’t run 2 days in a row, ever! But I need to. My running buddy is doing her 10 miles the day before – I’ll admit I wish I was there (well I really wish I had Fridays off like her so I could get it in…believe me, part of me thought about calling in sick to get my run in! The saving grace is that it looks like the weather on Sunday will be much better than this hot and humid crap!)

    But I remember being so nervous last year – It was the first race I had done in almost 2 years, and while i had been running since March, I was all worried. All of worry did go out the window after the race once i realized what a “fun run” really meant! But I sure wasn’t going to run the next day like this year.

    You give me inspiration to wonder what I will be like in a year. I SAY I won’t be doing the Diva Dash again because I hope I am on to much more challenging endeavors.

  2. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you already are “that person.” 🙂

  3. You didn’t want to get your shoes dirty! Love it 🙂 Congratulations on coming so far & coaching newbies, too!!

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