Running in circles (literally).

After my mini meltdown/rant last week I’m happy to report that I’m in a better place- both physically and mentally. After almost a month of continuous cold and flu like symptoms I better survive the rest of this winter illness free. My energy is back, and I’m finally back to all of my regularly scheduled workouts. And just when I needed a little reminder of “Keep doing what you’re doing” I found myself talking with two people that I look up to and trust. Their knowledge, wisdom, and experience helped me defog a little bit of what’s been going on in my brain, helped me see the bigger picture, and brought me back some much needed focus and drive. I don’t say it enough how thankful I am to have those kinds of people in my life. Yes, I’m in a much better place.

And now that I’m feeling back up to speed I’m ready to focus on some goals. I’ve been slowly putting together my race calendar for the year. It’s turning out to be a nice mix of some repeat races (the competitor in me wants to destroy my newbie times from last year) as well as some new ones to look forward to (to challenge that inner badass, of course). Oh and did I forget to mention that somewhere in that mix I’m getting MARRIED? Clearly I have a hard time sitting still.

photo (6)

My first order of business is a 10 Miler next month.. with a time goal. Just saying that out loud raises my heart rate slightly. Now let’s be real here- when I say “time goal” don’t let that lead you to believe I’m gonna bang this out in 45 minutes. I’m not attempting to perform any miracles. But it’s definitely a goal that’s going to push me for last inch of those ten miles. Any races of substantial “distance” I’ve run have been purely survival. In fact, if you happened to be that poor person stuck with me for those last few miles of my first half marathon you might refer to it as a painful crawl. I’ve just come to the acceptance that my body can actually run 10 miles and now you want me to do it …faster?

In preparation of my new goal, and the overall theme of “Operation Make Kathleen Faster” something new has appeared on my weekly schedule… TRACK WORKOUTS. I was both giddy and panicked when I saw it written on my training plan for the first time. Giddy because I’ve always envied the friends and runners with their workout of mysterious numbers. (Side note: never imagined being a runner would require so much math?) And panicked as all hell because I knew this meant this was going to be of those “time to get uncomfortable” events.

photo (1)

A beautiful day for a workout… right?

We headed down to the track for my first workout in the pouring rain. I took it as a sign from the running gods that they were either tears of sympathy for the pain I was about to endure, or tears of laughter at how bad I was going to mess this up. The first lap made me want to curl up in a ball by the chain-link fence. My lungs felt like they were bursting out of my body. That feeling of “isn’t being a slow runner so nice and comforting?” filled my head. Before I could get my breath back to a steady pattern the watch beeped signaling that my recovery time was over. You’ve got to be shitting me.

And we were off again. I didn’t talk, didn’t cough… I tried not to even BLINK so that I could focus all my energy. With each lap that I finished I felt a little more accomplished. A little stronger. Maybe even a teeny bit faster? On the last one I was tired, so sick of my lungs burning, so ready to be done. But I saw the line ahead of me and knew that I couldn’t quit now (Mostly because I feared the wrath if I stopped). As we headed home I felt absolutely exhausted, but in a good way. First track workout… done. Now let’s make me a faster runner.


soaking wet but so damn proud of myself.


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  1. I used to be terrified of speed work, but now I love it! The track makes me want to throw up and cheer all at the same time. It really does make you a faster and stronger runner, hang in there 🙂

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