Since you been gone…

Dear 52 pounds,

It’s been exactly a year since we last saw each other. And I have to be honest.. I haven’t missed you. Well, that’s kind of a lie. When it’s $&!-ing freezing cold out like this I joke that I want my fat back. But in reality I hope I never see you again.

NYE 2012

NYE 2012

And although another 13ish of your little friends eventually joined you, it was our initial breakup that freed me. Gave me my groove back. Made me into the person I am today. It was incredibly hard work, but saying goodbye to you was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  I hate to be the one to tell you this but our breakup? Best thing that ever happened to me.

photo (4)

If you’ve been following my blog up in fat heaven (Where you disappeared to is still one of life’s great mysteries) you already know that I’ve been pretty busy since our breakup. I haven’t had much time to grieve your loss. Busy doing things like trying to see how fast I can swim half a mile, running half marathons, doing push ups, conquering hills on a bike, learning how to box, and getting my namaste on. And that’s just the beginning of the great things I have planned. You see- I’m learning that when you were in my life I spent a lot of time sitting around and wishing I could do things. And now? I go out and I do them. I try new things, even if they scare me shitless. I push myself. I eat to fuel my body. I sweat. I learn. I set big goals.

photo (1)

After we broke up I changed my name from “Fat Kid” to “Athlete”. Runner. Triathlete. Half Marathoner. Don’t all those titles sound so much better to you? I sure think so.

Since you’ve been gone you’ve missed some pretty incredible moments. Like the day I couldn’t stop staring at the girl in the wedding dress in the full length mirror. Or what it felt like the day I tried to lift all the weight I had lost. The amazing mess of hugs and tears when I realized I had just finished something I never thought I could do. When my feet crossed the finish line of my first half marathon. When I found myself in a store saying out loud “How is there every size of running tights except small?“. Yup, all these things really, truly happened.

photo (1)

Last year on New Year’s Eve I didn’t come up with any resolutions. I simply had a goal of not seeing you return, and to keep doing what I had been doing. It’s one thing to lose over 50 pounds but to keep it off for an entire year? Well that right there deserves a party hat and noisemakers for sure. And to ring in this new year? Keep setting new goals, keep registering for races. Keep swimming. Keep running, keep running, keep running. Keep surprising myself. Keep trying new things. Keep learning, keep growing, keep changing. Keep being proud. Keep being awesome.


Kathleen (the Athlete/Triathlete/Half Marathoner/Rockstar/Bad Ass)



About Kathleen

When your legs get tired run with your heart.

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  1. Congrats on that incredible acheivement, you are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what awesome things you wilk acheive in 2014!

  2. Great job! It takes serious dedication to keep that kind of weight loss off and stay active! Good luck crushing those goals in 2014!!

  3. The Smile says it all! You look awesome. Congrats on the successful weight loss and keeping it off! Gosh you got me teary eyed! Celebrate! Have a great New Year’s Eve!

  4. Wow, congratulations!! I love your attitude…you’re definitely a badass! Happy New Year!

  5. What a great post! Congrats on keeping the weight off – pounds aren’t zombies, they have no business coming back from the dead!

  6. Absolutely amazing! Buh bye, 52 pounds!

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