Feeling all sorts of crazy lately.

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. Aside from my now routine training schedule and coaching the running group I went on a bit of a bender with 3 races over the course of 8 days. There were some pretty hot and sticky conditions and laundry day had to be coordinated around my running clothes (Oh and I also learned a valuable lesson of what happens when you DON’T fuel properly for a race and will NOT be trying that again) but overall it was a pretty fun and crazy experience. Not too shabby for the girl who at this time last year was struggling through two boot camps a week and barely running a full mile at one time.

photo (2)

Southfield Classic 5K – Bill Dunn 5 Miler – Hingham 4th of July Road Race

After the 4th of July race I glanced at my calendar to see what was next and realized… it’s T-Day. Deep breaths, deeeeeep breaths. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have any other races until then, because I seriously need to get myself together and find my way out of my own head. It’s a well known fact that I’ve been nervous about the triathlon ever since I signed up (actually before if that’s even possible?) but with now less than 2 weeks to go I feel incredibly… panicked. Suddenly I feel so unprepared. Suddenly I want more time. I want more laps to swim and brick workouts. I want to go backwards and redo some of my workouts in case they weren’t good enough the first time around. I want more days on my training calendar to cross off. Is this normal? Do people who have spent months and months training for marathons and Iron Man’s suddenly feel like they haven’t done enough? Someone please tell me I’m not as crazy as I feel.


Oh hello there July. You snuck up rather quickly.

I’ve followed my training schedule religiously. I’ve read the books and articles, I’ve tucked all the tips I’ve gotten from people into my brain. I’ve done the bricks and learned how to use my gears for hills. I’m signed up for an open water swim clinic this weekend. If this Triathlon was a class in school I’d be the nerdy overachiever that sits in front and takes pages of notes. And then sits alone at the lunch table. Nose deep in her triathlon book.

Brick workouts while camping. Because tri training doesn't take a vacation!

Brick workouts while camping. Because tri training doesn’t take a vacation!

11 more days, I have 11 more days. I’ve spent months and months physically preparing myself- and now I’ve got 11 days to get it together mentally. Come on, Kathleen.


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  1. Kathleen, you are awesome and definitely prepared for this! You got this 🙂

  2. FYI when you’re at the point where you feel like you want another few weeks to cram in more workout, that means you’re ready to go. Trust me!

    (PS proof that I was in your shoes 2 weeks before my last big fitness event? http://run-rachmezz.tumblr.com/post/4366638377/less-than-2-weeks-to-go)

  3. I think everyone who cares about a big race will have doubts before. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, even though I know you want to do well. There’s a lot to think about with tri, so there will be lessons learned with pacing, technique, transitions, equipment…

    You’ve got guaranteed PR coming up 🙂

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