How I spent my summer vacation.

Most people look at summertime as a time to relax and slow down the pace: it’s when your schedule is less rigid and you leave time for things like sunday afternoon bbqs, ice cream and lazy beach days.

That is of course, unless you have a hefty summer “to do list”: one which includes a progression from 5K to 7 miles, finishing your first triathlon, and an overall “half ass to bad ass” transformation. In that case, you make time for brick workouts, for swimming, for stretching, for hydrating, for learning.
In that case… you train your ass off.

Let me introduce you to my new summer schedule:

photo (3)

If you need me at any point this summer I’m either:A) at the pool B) on my bike C) running a race or D) all of the above!

It’s really not THAT dramatic of a difference what I’ve been doing recently, but gone are the days when I could just go for a run on Wednesday instead of Thursday. Every day has a purpose, each workout is intentionally planned. I’m down to just one rest day a week (as opposed to the two I’ve had prior to this). And I thoroughly look forward to it.

After the last few months of getting my feet wet (quite literally), from learning survival skills in my swim class to finally acquiring a bike, it is now time to put all of these things together. After what seems like decades of throwing around the phrase”Brick Workout” (I was so proud of myself for learning that one on my own!) I finally got to experience it for myself. A 30 minute bike ride and 2 mile run? Child’s play. That is until I actually got off my bike and started to run. I quickly realized- it’s a lot more fun to SAY the phrase than it is to do it.  Did I take a wrong turn and ride straight into my neighbor’s swimming pool of Molasses? Did my legs become so muscular that they actually turned to stone? It certainly felt like one of the two. After what seemed like the hardest two miles I’ve ever run I huffed and puffed back to my bike and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my miles were both still under 9 minutes. Apparently the pool of Molasses was all in my head.

photo (6)

First brick workout… success!

I feel like having this training schedule has calmed my nerves (somewhat). I can follow the progression on paper, and when it’s broken down day by day it doesn’t seem as overwhelming. In my mind, if I follow the plan exactly as it’s written I will survive…I will be the success story that I so desperately want to be. (Shh- Just go with it.). And so every day I wake up and do what’s written in the “master plan”, and every night I cross it off. Scary because that means I am one day closer, but also comforting that I am one day more confident.  I thank my lucky stars that I am fortunate enough to have such an amazing trainer who acts as my brain for all of this- otherwise I’d never know where to start (Who am I kidding- I wouldn’t be “starting” in the first place).

And so this will be how I spend my summer: swimming, biking, brick-ing (?), training, running, racing. And also bitching and whining, because let’s face it– that’s who I am. But as much as I complain, sigh, and roll my eyes- the truth is I’ve never wanted anything so badly. I want to prove to myself and to everyone else that I actually can do this. And WILL do this.  And I know that in the end that will push me across the finish line just as much as what’s written on the calendar.



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  1. Love it! Good luck becoming a bad ass!

  2. Running off the bike is something else. At first, I didn’t push because my legs felt so wrecked. Then I pushed too hard because I felt like I was going so slow and would flame out. I think I’m getting the hang of it finally.

    • It’s such a weird feeling! This morning I did 20 minutes biking and then ran 3 miles and it took me much less time to feel normal than the first day.

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