First “real” bike ride = great success!

Slowly but surely, this half ass bad ass is making some progress.

I somehow have forgotten to share the exciting news… I have a bike! Well I didn’t buy one-  a wonderful friend of mine is loaning me her “mountain turned hybrid” to train with and use on T-Day. I’m very thankful that this is one less cost to worry about prior to  these 2 painful hours of my life (I actually think at this point I’m starting to get more afraid to add up what I’ve spent already than I am to just DO it) especially where I don’t know if this will be a once in a lifetime event. I  mean if I don’t survive- I guess this WILL be a one time deal, right? I kid (kind of).

I was so incredibly excited to finally have “the bike” in my possession that on the first free night I had I threw on my helmet and headed out. What I planned on being just a little cruise around the neighborhood ended up being a beautiful 6 mile sunset ride. When I finally made it home in the dark I was pretty proud of myself. The bike portion of the tri is 12 miles, and I just did half of that in my first night! Progress.

We all know that I’ve been trying to motivate myself for this triathlon for quite some time ( November 24th to be specific). As it turns out, like many other girls, I am often motivated by photomaterial goods. Enter Erica Sara Designs. I discovered her through a few blogs that I follow and was instantly intrigued. Erica creates beautiful custom jewelry and her whole philosophy is about inspiring and empowering women. Consider me sold. I put in my order and for what seemed like months (but was really only a few weeks) hurried home from work to check the mailbox every day. I purchased the “Say It Do It” bracelet engraved with a shortened version of the quote from the top of my blog “Can’t into cans… dreams into plans”. It’s simple,  beautiful, and a daily reminder of not just what I have already accomplished- but that I CAN do what else I set out to conquer.  Whenever I start to doubt myself for this triathlon, I look down at my wrist and think about all the other things I said I couldn’t do– and did. I’m thinking another order will go in post July 21st. 😉


In my zone, doing my thing, and NOT worrying about my pace for once.

Call me superstitious and crazy but since I put that little bracelet on my wrist, things have been happening. That first night while at the pool I realized how much I was using my legs and therefore exhausting myself. I spent a few laps trying to really focus on relying on my arms. Suddenly a light shined on my little swim cap… a swimming epiphany! It didn’t make swimming any more fun, (And it certainly made my arms more sore the next morning!) but I was faster and not wanting to die as quickly. Progress!

Sunday morning was my “race of the month”. The disaster of last month’s 5K was still haunting me, and I was semi afraid that I’d fall apart again. I also didn’t have my usual crew of running buddies- so I wasn’t as excited going into it. I decided to not stress about PRing and just try to enjoy myself. It was a beautiful day, a small race, and a course that went along one of my favorite coastal towns. With a good playlist in my ears I took off at the sound of the horn. I flew through Mile 1 with an 8:16 pace and thought “There’s no way that can be right”. I stayed calm through Mile 2 and slowed down a bit. As I ran I didn’t have that “I HATE THIS -WHEN IS IT OVER” pit in my stomach from last time, but the “This is what I love to do” feeling had found it’s way back to me. As I rounded the corner into the final mile and saw the time clock I nearly stopped in my tracks from excitement. I put everything I had into my last few steps and crossed the finish line with a time of 27:21 – a 29 second PR!

That my friends… is what I call progress 😀

photo (3)

The smile of a girl who just ran her fastest race ever 😀


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  1. Progress is the most wonderful thing. Congrats!

    One thing about triathlon, if you decided you like it, you will definitely lose weight – in your wallet 🙂 It’s great, though.

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