And the countdown begins…

Well kids, I don’t know how else to say it except. .. this &%!#’s happening.


Registration for the Iron Girl (formally Danskin) triathlon opened today. My fingers were  (no joke) shaking as I typed in my information. (Emergency contact. Now by that do you mean who is most likely going to retrieve my body from the lake when I don’t make it?) I hovered over the “submit” button trying to find one legit reason to not do it and then quickly clicked it before my brain could come up with anything. I then sat and stared in awe at my computer screen for a solid 5 minutes. I’ve never felt so incredibly bad-ass… and incredibly, incredibly in fear for my life in the very same moment. Yep, no turning back now.

So I guess now that I am officially attempting to become a triathlete (that word sends serious shivers down my spine) it’s a good thing I’ve been spending my Thursday nights in the pool. I’m the only person in the class who is a virgin to this ridiculous activity – and it’s clear. The first day our instructor asked us what our goals are, and everyone had reasonable answers: “To improve my stroke.” “To beat my time from last year.”  My answer? “To not drown.” If only I was kidding.


Hope my fiancee is ready for this scenario.

Swimming is really complicated stuff: elbows bent, drag your fingertips, keep your head down, breathe when appropriate. Our instructor (who is reminiscent of an athletic Chris Farley if you will) doesn’t seem to understand that I JUST learned how to breathe while running. Now you want me to breathe when my head is under the water 75% of the time? Oh no problem, let me get right on that. And at least I’ve been so concerned with the swimming that I’ve kind of put the other 2/3 rds of this thing in the back of my mind. Bike 12 miles and then run 3? Piece of cake … granted I make it across the lake first.

I think it goes without saying – I’m scared. As much as I remind myself that at one time running a 5K seemed like an impossible challenge, this just seems so far out of my comfort zone to comprehend. If my comfort zone was America, the Iron Girl is Australia…swimming, biking, and running with the kangaroos and wallabies.

On that note- 137 days to go.


Heading to the finish line of my first 5K which at one point, also seemed impossible.


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  1. Kangaraoos and wallabies are good company to have! 😉 You can totally do this. I bet that 137 days out from your first 5k you were scared too, and now you’re a racing pro!

  2. HAHA, do you think I could climb in a kangaroo’s pouch while she swims for me? 😉

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